If it’s Summer it’s St. Tropez!

The French Riviera is known for its huge tourism potential; people are dying to get here and it’s obvious why: nowhere in the world you‘ll find anything like this! Amazing beaches and luxuriant villages that will leave you breathless.They say that if you want to know the lifestyle of the rich and famous you must come to St Tropez! The famous saying ‘Welcome to St Tropez’ had to come from somewhere: it’s a never ending oasis of parties and good mood in general.

St Tropez ( creative commons)

St Tropez ( creative commons)

Although it’s considered to be a high class holiday destination, St Tropez attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you save money from an earlier time and you manage your travel budget wisely, you’ll be surprised to see that good things in life can actually be for free! So don’t worry that much, pack a light luggage,  your passport for freedom and fun and enjoy your staying in St Tropez.

The glitz and glamour of the St Tropez and French Riviera in general have transformed this place into one of the most notorious travel spots. You have many chances to see some celebrities drinking a coffee or walking around the streets for famous designers shopping, so get ready to pack your camera and use it. You never know what you can witness and in general these kind of photos are heavily paid by international magazines. You’ll rise your bank account in no time! Haunt places like Nikki beach , Les Caves du Roy and La voile Rouge for better chances.

Vineyard in St Tropez ( creative commons)

Vineyard in St Tropez ( creative commons)

You can book one of the villas that St Tropez has to offer,  ideally located by the beach. You can find a wide variety of classy villas listed here. Or if you really want to save some money go for a camping trip. Many people prefer this type of accommodation because it’s convenient, it has all the necessary facilities and you have more freedom.

Don’t spend time on window shopping; instead, choose to explore the lovely villages of the French Riviera. Enjoy some nice and quiet walks and admire the scenery: you’ll gain memorable experiences and avoid the crowd. Enrich yourself by visiting some museums and feel free to admire some hand made products at the local markets.

Finally, one valuable tip: book your accommodation somewhere near St. Tropez, unless you want to spend too much on your staying. Close-by villages such as Cogolin, offer affordable accommodation and they are only a few minutes away from the city centre hustle and bustle


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